Jonathan McReynolds Addresses Hypocrism in Church As He Hints New Album | @JonmcReynolds

 Award winning recording artist Jonathan McReynolds spoke about the way Christians expects so much from their fellow believer and forgets that Change starts with the man in the mirror. The Neo-soul singer and songwriter is on his way to releasing his third studio album. Honestly, a lot of us can't wait for what is about to come from this wonderful singer who preaches a great message for the youth and has been a strong voice to reckon with in this age.

Recently on his instagram page, he gave an insight to what we should expect from the yet to be titled album, he wrote:

"I have spent too much time thinking about what "the Church" needs to do. How we need to be more this and less this because we are missing this. I really should be worrying about what I, Jonathan McReynolds, need to do. I am, we are, the church, so if I suck, "the Church" sucks and when I'm awesome so is "the Church." My next album will reflect that I am the first person I need to evangelize, the first person I need to correct, and the first person that needs to be "relevant."

From his debut album Life Music (2012), and the sophomore album Life Music: Stage 2 (2015), Jonathan McReynolds has proved to be a strong voice for the Christian youth of this age, for the babies and the grown-ups in Christ Jesus.
He would go on to drop an EP titled "Sessions" in 2016 which contained the makeover of songs from his previous album.
We earnestly anticipate the birth of this forthcoming album, and we believe it will be coming sooner than expected. keep your hands crossed as we will keep you posted on every single details as they emerge.
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