Gil Joe Drops New Track 'Pleasures' Off Maturity Album |@_giljoe

Gil Joe has released the track 'Pleasures' off his just released album 'Maturity'. The song Pleasures is an electric guitar sound, with lots of melodious soulful strings and pad, giving it a classic touch and an heavenly sound.

The writings of Timothy in our theme scripture, are all happening today, I strongly believe, in our days is when Timothy spoke about. Men and Women, even Christians are going through the struggle to please God more than self, our generation is exposed to so many immoralities, which is gradually building their mindset off God’s word, many assume Christianity is a routine, living the “Religious life” with no personal relationship with God, which only leads to a life without a God given purpose, a depressed and confused life, a life without self control and discipline. Well, those are the exact things Timothy pointed out in our theme Scripture, and they’ve all been happening before our eyes.
I believe the Spirit of God has birthed the song “PLEASURES” to help our generation get on their knees to worship God in the “honesty of hearts”, and stop giving the devil the opportunity to emotionally and mentally drown them in the pleasures of life. Remember Proverbs 21:17 MSG says, “You’re addicted to thrills? What an empty life! The pursuit of pleasure is never satisfied.”
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