Noblestan's New Single 'Man Like God' Scores 6/10 on

Noblestan hails from  Imo state. Undensi Stanley Uche a.k.a Noblestan is a graduate of History and Diplomatic study from the university of Port Harcourt who presently resides in the city of Lagos.
His love for God is unalienable and his inspiration comes from God the mastermind, life issues and experience. No uncertainty he's an influence to reckon with in this dispensation of music known as contemporary Gospel and new age. He is like a risen sun, building his true essence of existence through music and also setting successful path for the coming musicians. Delight in his single track titled 'No man like God', which actually says of how God is the Lord of all who no man can be like.

This Song is Rated 6/10
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