Story of the 27-Year-Old Pregnant Christian Wife Sentenced To Death Over Christian Faith

Meriam Yahia Ibrahim and husband
This is the story of Mariam Yahia Ibrahim, a 27-year-old expectant Christian Sudanese wife, who refused to denounce her faith and convert to Islam within three days, was sentenced to 100 lashes and death by court order. Meriam Yahia Ibrahim’s crime, according to authorities, is marrying a Christian man, an act regarded as apostasy because her father, who abandoned her family when she was six, was a Muslim.
Shari’a law in Sudan says Muslim women cannot marry non-Muslim men. Despite the fact that her dad was absent most of her life and she has been an active Christian for years, Ibrahim is still regarded Muslim. She and her 20-month-old son have been locked up and are being denied visitation from the husband and father of the couple’s children. Since Ibrahim’s marriage is not acknowledged by the government, she is accused of adultery, punishable by flogging, and apostasy, for which the sentence is hanging.Appearing in court May 11 after her February 17 arrest, Ibrahim was informed thatshe had until May 15 to convert to Islam. Her refusal sealed her fate. She was sentenced to death Thursday. The sentence will not be carried out until her unborn child is at least two years old. We pray God intervenes before that time.
Source: EEW Magazine
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