Warryn and Erica Campbell to start their own church

Warryn and Erica Campbell are about to go into church ministry, The California Worship Center, the name of the couple's church, was revealed during an interview on The Yolanda Adams Morning show.

"Warryn is real serious about ministry and wants to make sure that, above all, it is God-centered," she said of the My Block Records CEO.
"We kind of take the approach of [reaching out to] the broken, wounded people who have kind of been jaded by. church and don't want to go no more."

The Campbells, who have been inviting the community to Bible studies in a California hotel, are ready to officially take the plunge into the roles of pastor and first lady--something Erica acknowledges will be challenging with her already busy schedule.

"When He first said it, I said, 'Now Lord, you know I'm gone all of July and then, so, the church--how is that supposed to work?' But to whom much is given, much is required," Campbell reasoned, quoting a portion of Luke 12:48.
She continued, "He'll give us the grace to do it, the timing and the space, and all that kind of stuff. We'll come to it. I dare not say no."

The wife and mother, who recently released her chart-topping debut solo album, Help, has a hectic year of promotion and touring ahead.
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