Kenny K'ore speaks with Gospel Redefined: Talks why he speaks in tongues while ministering

Ever wondered why Kenny K'ore speak in tongues while singing or on stage performing? Well if you don't, you are just about to find out that and even more below.
Gospel Redefined recently had an interview with the gospel force Kenny K'ore, and this time we had K'ore talking on his tongue speaking in his songs and live performance, and this is what he has to say:
"Paul said I thank God because I speak in tongues more than ye all, and he said when we speak in tongues we speak mysteries, when we speak in tongues our understanding is not fruitful we speak the heart of God, a lot of times the problem with us is that the we are forcing the hand of God with our own ambitions, our own wants, our own needs, meanwhile what God wants for us is totally different. I've got to a point in my life where I trust God more than I trust myself, so when I speak in tongues I'm actually praying the heart of God over my life, sometimes when I do that I pray the heart of God over my audience."
When asked why he records love songs on his album as some christians have been asking, Kenny K'ore gives his response from a biblical perspective.
"Frankly speaking I'm just a student of the scripture, I follow the bible, the Songs of Solomon after all is recorded in the Bible, so if you can record love songs in the Bible, then i can record love song on my album...End of story." He said.

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