Jonathan McReynold visits BET's 106 & Park

Jonathan McReynolds was at 106 & Park and he gave a sneak peak of his BET's Celebration of Gospel performance, he also did a song from his new CD with India Arie. Read interview and watch video below.

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You once said, “I wanna be saved but I wanna be cool too.” Do you still feel that way?
When I wrote that I was in college and “Cool” has its own meaning. There’s some things you feel like you should be doing or you wanna do just to be with the “in” crowd. When you get out of college it’s not so much being cool but there’s definitely still a part of you that wants to.
You see how much fun people seem to be having, you see what people do without any regard for morals or standards and sometimes you just wonder “What if I step out and do all that stuff?” But it’s the holy spirit, it’s my conscience, it’s my integrity. I believe that I’m living a wiser life and I just have to know that my hope is in Jesus Christ.
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