Erica Campbell's throat problem could bring an end to her singing days

To the surprise of many including Erica Campbell herself, the vocal Superstar received some devastating news that could permanently silence her singing voice. On the last episode of Mary Mary, Campbell was diagnosed with bleeding around her vocal chords that could cause a rupture that could cause her to lose her singing voice.

As a result, her doctor has instructed her to rest her voice and not perform outdoors where there is dust, dirt and pollution that could add to her problem.
During a performance on the latest episode of Mary Mary which was taped months earlier, her sister Tina, said that she was not hitting her notes and needed to rest…something Erica was already aware of and is trying to recover from.
The news comes on top of the recent drama with her sister Tina and her marriage, management issues, and the momentum of her solo CD "Help" which debuted at #1 on the Gospel charts and remains in the top position.
Campbell received the heart breaking news on last week's episode of 'Mary Mary.
We pray the hand of healing on Erica Campbell just like God did for Donnie McClurkin when he was losing his vocal cords
Let's keep Erica and Tina in prayer.
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