Da Truth unveils 'Heart Beat' album cover and tracklisting

Da Truth's upcoming album, 'Heart Beat' is arriving in stores on April 15th, the LP's official album cover has been unwrapped (above) and the tracklisting below.
'Heart Beat' is the follow-up to 2013′s 'Love, Hope & War', and is preceded by lead single 'Loud & Clear (feat. Jon White (of Capital Kings) & Tedashii)'.

'Heart Beat' Tracklisting
1. 'Gray (feat. J.R.)'
2. 'Press (feat. Papa San & Canon)'
3. 'Loud & Clear (feat. Jon White (of Capital Kings) & Tedashii)'
4. 'I Made It (feat. Black Knight & TC)'
5. 'Promises (feat. Isaac Carree)'
6. 'Come Home (feat. Z.G., TJ Pompeo & Prayz1)'
7. 'Waiting (Interlude)'
8. 'Welcome Home (feat. James Fortune)'
9. 'Standing O (feat. TJ Pompeo)'
10. 'Mixed Bag'
11. 'Compare (feat. Alexis Spight)'
12. 'Bully (feat. J.R.)'
13. 'Change the World (feat. Chris August)'
14. 'Heartbeat (feat. Lecrae & Lauren Lee)'
15. 'Rising Sun (feat. Z.G., TJ Pompeo & Prayz1)'
16. 'Hope (Remix)'
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