Pictures from Obiwon's Hail My King video shoot

The experience was WOW! and I can't wait to see the video. This is the video shoot of Obiora Obiwon's hit track 'Hail My King' off the Gold Water album. The video was shot at the LTV8 Gardens, by St. Immaculate. More after the cut.
Although Eben and Frank Edwards who were featured on the song were not available for the video shoot, it was not yet a boring moment as we have interesting people like Kenny K'ore, Nikki Laoye with husband Alex, Sokleva & Protek (both of Rooftop Clan), producer Phat E, Mr. Victor of Gospogroove, and many others throughout the shooting. See pictures from the video shoot below.
Kenny K'ore on set
Mr. Victor of
Meet the producer St. Immaculate
Obiwon on set
Kenny K'ore and Obiwon
Nikki Laoye
Alex (Nikki's Husband)
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