Marvin Sapp Retiring Music?

Marvin Sapp talks with KD Bowe candidly about his true feelings regarding the business side of the Gospel music industry.

You said a while ago that you may stop singing at some point, are we reaching that or what? KD asked
I want music to be fun again, its work, Marvin Sapp said, "I'm a very strong believer that when God give you platforms, that you take your platform to do other things that you passionate about, I've been blessed to open a charity school which is one of my passion, one of my dreams, it was a dream with my wife"

"It's like, you gotta get up, you gotta go sing and you get a check, and that's cool, But when you're doing it for a living, it's not the same as when you're doing it — even though you're getting paid for it, it [is better when it] has that level of fun."

Watch the video below

I'm not sure we're ready for Marvin Sapp's retirement, some one should pls tell him "not the time, not the place, just believe keep the faith".
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