Deitrick posted this on his Facebook page last week, due to the reactions he has been getting from people, those who are christians and even those who are not, these topics are based on his past mistakes, his new family and the Pastors In L.A show coming up.
Well, without much ado, just like he did around this time last year, he has come out again to clear out his mind with everyone. Read the story and what actually inspired it after the cut.
Dear saints, If you've never made a mistake in life, If you've never failed at anything then you reserve the right to judge me & others!!! However, if you've failed and somehow overcame your weakness & you STILL speak on others as if you had or have no faults, It's utterly PATHETIC!!! Breaking News: If you're on my FB page to judge me or anyone else please simply UNFOLLOW me today!!! I don't care if my followers are down to 2 people, as long as they are respectful to one another, forgive each other & show love, I'm cool. When God has forgiven someone who gives YOU the authority to keep bringing it back up as if it happened yesterday??? I'll tell you who's authorizing it!! " Satan" He is an accuser of the brethren! He wants to remind you of your faults not God! Jesus didn't come to condemn us but to save us all..I want all the secret agents of satan who condemn & judge in the name of Christianity & correction to go somewhere where they care about your opinion.. We are Kingdom people over here.. We confess our faults, repent, take the necessary steps to do better than we did and we move on in Jesus name on this FB page!! I'm embarrassed for the unchurched/unsaved souls to even see some of these comments and how we handle our very own. They will never join the kingdom like this..I know I wouldn't want to join your team!! We must change & we must do it NOW if we're gonna win souls in this generation.. No it's not ok to sin but its equally not ok to condemn & judge people when they have come short of God's glory!! It's our duty to show love and Restore Everything Damaged!!! R.E.D

Now, to talk about what brought about the above post, DHaddy posted this hours after he posted the one you just read.
"Trust..I don't pay attention to what folk feel about me..At the end of the day I live for an audience of 1! It's my unchurched friends & followers that I'm concerned about.. The following post is from a fb friend---->

"So glad you posted this...funny because the other day you posted a pic of you and your wife in a car and these church people lost there was there that I said if thats how you guys treat one another then maybe being a christian isn't for me... Im still not sure if I want to commit to christ because it seems that a lot of you guys, or at least the ones I see on posts and run into at churches are mean, angry, say hurtful things and cover it with bible verses and judgmental beyond anything I can imagine...and I don't want to turn out to be like that... honestly, its very hard to find christians that seem genuinely happy."
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