Earlier this year, Erica Campbell of Mary Mary released her first solo single, "A Little More Jesus." Today, the gospel queen releases her follow-up single, "It Is Well," from her forthcoming debut album.

Her new single, "It Is Well," is an inspirational ballad with full male harmony, originally recorded by the gospel group Committed. "I sang a lot of classical music in college and so I was able to tap into that and express myself differently," said Campbell about the song. "I think that's what most creative people and artists want to do."

She told ESSENCE exclusively that she's been thinking about doing solo music for a while. According to Campbell, she and Tina Campbell's interests were changing. "God gave us a gift, he didn't give us a twin gift, he gave us an individual gift," she said. "We just happened to walk them out together and a lot of times when people are in partnerships you're feeling like that has to be until death do us part. Sometimes it's for a time and then after that you're supposed to stand on your own and develop your individuality and that's what I'm doing."
The album will be released March 25th, 2014.
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