Bishop T.D. Jakes is used to seeing open emotionalism displayed by others, but is quite uncomfortable with expressing his own feelings. Yet, the Dallas mega-pastor couldn’t contain himself on the Sunday morning of June 9—his birthday, (same as mine and Tamela Mann) —at The Potter’s House.

“I hate getting emotional in front of people. Y’all messing me up already. But it’s a great day,” he said in a quivering voice, batting back tears.

The 56-year-old leader was surrounded by his three Potter’s House campus pastors: Patrick E. Winfield II (Fort Worth); Pastor Sheryl Brady (North Dallas); and Pastor Chris Hill (Denver).

Part of what caused the Bishop to well up, according to him, is knowing he has a core of trustworthy pastors who carry his vision and are genuinely loyal. After Winfield, Brady, and Hill finished their presentations, Jakes noted, “I don’t like lip service and I detest phonies. What really blesses me is that I know that you mean it.”

For him, big crowds don’t matter as much as sincerity and authenticity. “I would rather have four or five people that are ride or die, than all kinds of people that are just phony and faking, and I feel like I’m surrounded by people who sincerely love me, and appreciate me, and I just want to thank you. I’m so proud of you,” he 
affectionately shared.
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