The official video of Ready Aim will be out soon, and we can't wait for it, the audio has been making waves ever since its release.
The video was directed by Slick 23 and the message comes alive in the clip. Throughout the visual, Mali is confronted with opportunities to do the right thing. When he exits a liquor store, a seemingly homeless man asks him for a alms, he gave him a bottle of drink in his hand,  and in a later scene, he finds the same man after he’s been attacked by a group of skateboarders.
In an earlier interview, Mali said that the song’s reference to mayhem breaking out on an airplane was simply used as a metaphor.
“It’s not about airplanes or rocket ships or space or being fired upon,” he said.  The song is produced by Jerry Wonda Duplessis. “It’s a picture of things that are happening in the air when you get in contact with who you are and when God calls you, you better expect some resistance.” he said.
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