Liveway Radio is an Outreach Ministry of The Redeemed Christian Church of God.  Established in the summer of 2006, the ministry has become a valuable tool of spreading the Word of God to the foremost corners of the world.

Their summer their this year is designed to bring technology to your Church.  They want to come to your Church and show you how easy to share your Sunday Morning Messages that have already blessed your local congregation to also be a blessing to someone at a remote corner of the world…that is evangelism !!!.  


1. Your local Parish will receive a special channel on their highly acclaimed BROADCAST PLATFORM

2. You can also choose to participate on their very effective PASTOR ON DEMAND CHANNEL ON  LIVEWAY RADIO 2 PLUS

3.They come to your Parish with their technical team, restheirces, and special worship team.

4.The entire Sunday Morning Service will be LIVE to worldwide audience

Visit their office at:

Liveway Radio Network

No. 1-9 Redemption Way

Ebute Metta, Lagos Nigeria.

For registration, visit the Website: http://www.liveway.tv

E-mail: osas@liveway.tv

Here is a little of what you can expect from Liveway Radio visit to your Parish:

1. They normally work in the “background” but on this special Sunday, they ask that you allow us a little “frontside” to be able to show you what they are all about.

2. They bring with us a special Worship Team and other ministry partners to bless the congregation

3.You can promote this special Sunday Service on Liveway Radio prior to their visit 

4.Your special channel will remain valid for a full month after their visit to your Parish

5.You have option to train your own technical crew at their office both at Redemption Camp and at RCCG Hqtrs, Ebute Metta, Lagos.  Ask us for details.

6.You will receive special DVD of the selected highlight of the special Church Service

7.Your message of the day will feature on Liveway Radio2 with promos from their Radio Anchor

8.Your message will feature on your own special channel on their IPTV Platform

is visiting churches in Lagos and Ibadan from the 30th of June '13'. start registering now!

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