LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and transgender) activists are on the attack because the multi-Grammy winning artist has publicly denounced homosexuality citing religious reasons. They don't think taxpayer dollars should support an artist they view as a bigot.
In the "Washington Blade" article that initially reported the perceived conflict, Lou Chabbaro wrote:
"In most of his comments on the subject, Franklin has called on the church to treat LGBT people with kindness, compassion and love but has insisted "we can never compromise what the Bible says about homosexuality," as stated in his book, "The Blueprint."
When he was asked in an Associated Press interview what he sees in the future for the LGBT community in the Black Church, Franklin reiterated his theme of compassion along with change.
You read correctly.
The fact that Franklin disagrees with the Gay lifestyle, but is doing so with "kindness" and "compassion" has still caused him to be under attack. Ultimately, the LGBT community is concerned that he denounces them, regardless of his non-threatening approach. Although Franklin has not reacted  with the odium that some would expect from a religious person or in a homophobic manner, the Gay response has been visceral.
For example, Wayne Besen, founder and leader of Truth Wins Out, a national LGBT organization has joined the fight against Franklin calling him and others like him "fake Christians." Besen said, "The truth is, they compromise on everything the Bible says for their own convenience, yet twist the Scripture to support bigotry."
I am interested in examining the inevitable tension between gays and the church further, as this conversation is much broader than it appears to be.  Such attacks the religious liberties of Christians by stifling their ability exercise and practice their beliefs.
Is the LGBT community uniting its increasingly strong sociopolitical voice to target an individual or group that lives a different lifestyle a form of reverse discrimination and ultimately a form of pressure that is equivalent to bullying? Chime in, please. I will be discussing this topic on-air.
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