Isaac Carree has released the Remix of Clean This House featuring R. Kelly. In the original version, Isaac Carree sounded more like R.Kelly, and now releasing the Remix, he has brought the "You Saved Me" singer into studio.

Since the release of the Remix, there have been coments all over and questions directed to Caree, asking why he featured the man "Trapped In The Closet"
R. Kelly lends his famous voice to the R&B-flavored track and begins his verse saying:

 “Sitting here sipping on something to drink, Enemy’s got the best of me, yeah.”

One YouTube commenter named Monique Whittaker approved of the sound of the melody, but condemned the pairing. 

“It sounds beautiful. However, I have a problem with anyone who is openly not living a Holy Sanctified Godly life singing gospel which is supposed to be encouraging amd uplifting to God's people,” she wrote.

“You can't sing to me one day about being in the ‘closet’ and the next about wanting your "house" cleaned when clearly it's a farce. I am disappointed.... SMH”

Another commenter named Mildred Andrews offered up a different perspective. 

“I love this song, both the original and the remix,” she said. “We all have come short of the glory of God and daily need to ask him to ‘clean our house’. Let he/she that is without sin cast the first stone.”

In a telephone conversation, Carree mentioned that  the song has R. Kelly feels as part of the inspiration that came to his producer 'Little Ronnie' he also said that, R. Kelly is one of the people that influences him. 
Carree is the first to admit that he is not without sin particularly after the highly publicized love triangle that involved allegedly overstepping his bounds with Detrick Haddon’s wife, Damita.

watch the video  and interview below.

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