Just met this talented and blessed artist from Jamaica, he's got the fusion of Reggae and Hip-Hop in the Gospel Contemporary way. Read his Bio and watch the video below to confirm what I am saying, I know you will blessed with it.

Born on November 20 1984, Jamian Sawyers, a young man more affectionately known as ‘Jamie’, was born and raised in the notorious community of Flanker in Montego Bay Jamaica.

During his earlier years, he would travel all over Jamaica in the front seat of his father’s mini bus. At that time, Jamie’s father was an evangelist and shared his appreciation for music with him. Jamie would listen attentively to artistes such as Al Green, Lester Lewis, Grace Thrillers and Steve Brock. While at home, he listened through an old record player, thus setting the platform for his keen, uncanny ability to write songs and catchy melodies.

Amidst these catchy melodies, Jamie was faced with a harsh reality. He was a terrible singer. One day while at church, he prayed to the Lord, imploring him to bestow him with the gift of music, as well as a voice that would act as the vehicle for his gift. God heard and answered his prayer. With determination, practice and vocal training, Jamie has grown into the mature singer he is today.
In 2012, Jamie released his first single, a cover of the popular chorus “Jehovah Jireh”. The song garnered much attention and served as his first official video release. Jehovah Jireh, along with his other hit singles “Pull Ova “ and "Di Word" (The word) are rotated on radio stations worldwide.
He was nominated for the Best New Gospel Minister Category in the 2013 ACGMA (Atlanta Caribbean Gospel Award)

Currently, he is working on his debut album being produced by his childhood friend Rickroy Williams under the exclusive Da’ Conquest Music Label.                 
Jamie is a young man called by God to present the gospel to the world. He has come a far way since using his writing skills on love letters high school; he has now answered to the higher calling of God through Jesus Christ and now believes that the best is yet to come.

Listen to more of his songs Here.
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