What Position Is Jesus In Your Life?

When I was in high school, I could remember we were taught something in Economics, called the Scale of Preference, and I got to understand later, that the Scale of Preference does not only apply to Economics, but to all stages in human life.
At one point or the other, we always have something we can tag as our ‘TOP PRIOROTY’ and coming after this are things we feel is alright after achieving our primary aim. To some people, the list may be short to a maximum of three items, while to some, it could be as lengthy as the lists of the words in the dictionary.
The normal human scale of preference is usually like this:
You will agree with me that this is widely acceptable as the fundamental scale of preference to anyone, I mean what you can’t do without, but how many of us realize that: for the three items mentioned above, there are some more important things we need… AIR and WATER! These are the key to survival for every living thing.
With that being said, there are some other things that fall in-between our basic scale, like; what type of food to eat, what type of house one wants to stay, and which ‘;Designer’ to be worn and lots more.
So, here comes I ask Christians, We believers, WHAT POSITION IS JESUS IN YOUR PRIORITY LIST?
Some people say: He is at the Top, the First in everything, “ But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you" Mathew 6:33, while some say: “He is the First and The Last”, just as the Greek Letters…ALPHA & OMEGA.
By implementation, taking the yearly activity as a case, most of us start the year with resolutions, and most of it comes with ‘Moving Closer To God’ and at the end of the year, we run back to God for protection through the year, and the next. But what happens within the year? We all forget about God and do things the way we feel. This may actually not be the way we planned it, but due to some circumstances, at some points, we make compromises that pushes God farther.
God is not the type who should be at the ‘Top’ or ‘Last’ but He deserves to be in everything, because, nothing can be done without him. No reason to pretend as if His help is partially needed.
Everything is in Him, and in Him is everything, so let’s put Jesus in all we do…..CAST ALL YOUR CARES ON HIM, FOR HE CARES FOR YOU!
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