Michelle Obama: The Best Mothers' Day Gift Is The Return Of The Captivated Women

On Mother's Day millions of moms will receive gifts to make them  smile. But according to First Lady Michelle Obama, the mothers of the  three Ohio women who were rescued on Tuesday, is the best present their  mothers could have hoped to receive.

In an interview with Kelly Wallace of iVillage for NBC, following her  "American Grown" book signing at a Washington book store Tuesday, Mrs. Obama expressed how her heart "swells up with relief" over the freeing of  Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight, and Gina DeJesus.

"Just imagine first losing a child and not knowing whether they're  alive or dead or in harm's way," the first lady said, "And to be  holding out hope for a decade and to finally have those prayers  answered is just probably the best Mother's Day gift… that these  families will receive."
Amanda Berry (left) and her sister, with the daughter she had in the custody at a Cleveland hospital

She continued, "These families are going to have to wrap their arms  around these young women and make sure that they get all the help and  support they need so that they will go on and lead healthy, normal  lives."

Even though there will be some emotional challenges for the women as  they readjust in the coming days, Obama says, "We're just grateful  that they're safe. It is probably a parent's worst nightmare to lose a  child in any way, shape or form. But I am just happy for these  families that they found their daughters and that they're alive and  safe."
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