Michael Winans Jr. Officially Remanded Into Federal Custody

Last week, on thursday, was the day that Winans Phase II singer Michael Winans, Jr is set to turn himself into federal custody to serve a nearly 14 year prison sentence for his part in a multi-million dollar Ponzi Scheme.
Michael Winans Jr., a member of the legendary Winans gospel family, was charged with fraud after authorities uncovered a scam involving more than $8 million and bogus oil bonds in 2012.
Winans Jr. is planning to plead guilty to the charges, according to his defense attorney William Hatchett.
The Detroit-bred singer was first accused of the crime in March 2010 by the Office of Financial and Insurance Regulation, who revealed that their 14-month investigation uncovered he was the ringleader in the crude oil bond scam.
Before his departure, he left behind an official video statement to friends and followers on his Socialcam page
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