Kirk Franklin Praises The Cleveland Hero: Charles Ramsey Saves The Three Missing Women

Above is picture of the neighbor, Charles Ramsey speaks to media near the home where three missing women were rescued in Cleveland, on Monday, May 6, 2013. Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michele Knight, who disappeared about decade ago were found. (AP Photo/The Plain Dealer, Scott Shaw)
Award- winning gospel artist Kirk Franklin tweeted praise for brave citizen Charles Ramsey, whose heroism led to the rescue of three women who had been snatched and held captive for 10 years.

“Thank God for Charles Ramsey!” said Franklin, expressing what everyone is feeling after learning about the Cleveland, Ohio native’s Monday afternoon discovery of Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight.
“I heard screaming. I’m eating my McDonald’s. I come outside. I see this girl going nuts, trying to get out of a house,” explains Ramsey in an interview. “So I go on the porch and she says ‘Help me get out! I’ve been in here a long time.’ So, you know, I figured it was a domestic violence dispute.”
But actually, it was something far worse.
At first, it did not dawn on Ramsey that he had kicked the door in and freed Amanda Berry, the very young woman who had made news headlines, when, in 2003, the day before her 17 th birthday, she disappeared. Now, 10 years later, she is 27.
“She comes out with a little girl and she says, ‘Call 911. My name is Amanda Berry,’” he recounts the details.
“When she told me it didn’t register until I got to calling 911 and then I’m like, I’m calling 911 for AmandaBerry? I thought this girl was dead.”
When Detective Gregory Cook arrived on the scene, he asked, “Charles, do you know who you rescued?”
It was not only Berry, but two more women were held captive in the house: Michelle Knight, who disappeared in 2002, when she was 19, and Gina DeJesus who disappeared in 2004, when she was only 14.
Knight is now 32. DeJesus is 23. All three women were released and taken to MetroHealth Medical Center.
Authorities took 52-year-old former school bus driver Ariel Castro, who lives in the house, into custody. Police also arrested his two brothers.
For Ramsey, it was incredibly shocking to realize his neighbor was the perpetrator. “We see this dude every day. I means every day!” he told reporters. “I barbecue with this dude. We eat ribs and whatnot and listen to salsa music.”
Stories like this remind us all that you never really know people and what they are capable of doing.
Thank God for the lives of this young women.
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