Controversy In 'The Sheards' Over J.Drew's Released Video

On Sunday's episode of BET's reality show, "The Sheards," the blowout  between J. Drew Sheard II and his mother, Karen Clark Sheard, started  over a bottle of bubbly appearing on his party flyer.

But now, the preacher's kid has released a promotional video  simulating a ménage à trois & lesbian sex.

"You gotta be an example J. Drew," said his exasperated mother, trying  to explain why it is inappropriate for him to promote certain images  in connection with his music career.

J. Drew is the first and youngest producer signed to Pharrell's Star Trak imprint and was celebrating the big move with a club bash.

"This is taking it a little bit too far," added his mother sternly.

"I'm not promoting alcohol. I don't promote that," he responded. "But  this is how they promote their parties. So I can't be hands on with  everything because if I do, these people gone look at me and say,  'Okay, you doing my job, so you do it by yourself!'"

First Lady Sheard, who has been a part of the music industry for many  years and understands its dynamics, responded, "J, Don't tell me what  you can't do. You can tell them, 'Look, if you can somehow, you know,
curtail that, and go another route with it,' they'll respect you in  that."

But J. Drew didn't back down, He maintained, "This is how they promote their parties," adding,  "normally, they have two butt naked chicks on the flyer when they  throwing parties at clubs."

Although such women in their birthday suits didn't make it onto the  son of a preacher man's club flyer, nearly "butt naked chicks" did  make an appearance in his promotional video for his debut project,  "Never Coming Back," which was released for download May 6.

The "My Room" visual showcases three women in black lacy bras and  panties, sexually interacting with J. Drew, as well as touching,  grinding, and kissing on each other. The full out ménage à trois &  lesbian sex simulation is extremely racy and has shocked many fans of  the up and coming producer.
View Picture and video below. Viewers Discretion Is Strictly Advised!

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