Tasha cobbs in exclusive interview with Encore

Tasha Cobbs is signed to EMI (the same label with Tye Tribbett and Cece Winans), and so far, she has being the bomb. Tasha performed at the BET celebration of Gospel this year, and it was a WHAO!!! for everyone.
Encore asks some question you will find interesting just like i did. fFind the interview after the cut.

Encore: You started out as an independet artist, can you just tell us how you got discovered by EMI Gospel?
Tasha: The connection with EMI actually started about 2 years ago. I did a song with Myron Butler, "My life is not my own," and he's signed with EMI Gospel. The night we performed the song it was crazy, I didn't think we would be able to move on from it. People form EMI said they saw something special in me. So, as a worship leader that's unheard of, I was signed to a label to do what I do on a weekly basis.
Encore: Your albums first single, "Break Every Chain" is touching so many lives, what impact has this powerful song had on you?
Tasha: "Break Every Chain," is just an anointed song and I just felt a connection with it the first time I heard it. The testimonies have just been crazy, every time I login to Facebook or Twitter there's just testimonies about how this song has changed people's lives. I can relate to all the testimonies because when I listened to it the first time you could literally feel the chains that held you bondage being broken by the power of the name of Jesus. It really inspired me to see how God is changing lives through the song. It just blesses my life that God would chose me to bring this sound into the Earth.
Encore: VaShawn Mitchell serves as head producer of the album what did you learn working with him?
Tasha: He is one of those people you meet and know they'll be in your life forever, that's who VaShawn is to me. He is a brother and one of my mentors, I can talk to him about anything. He understood what I wanted to do musically and what I was called to do. I think relationship is always key when your in some kind of ministry. People you are working with should know what your calling is and VaShawn instantly wanted to find all of that. He wanted to know what kind of sound I was looking for and how I wanted people to feel when they heard it. I learned from him on a daily basis, he has such an amazing talent beyond just being an artist, he's a producer and a writer.
Encore: You started out as an independent artist who is now on a major label, you probably had to face many challenges or had days when you didn't think it would happen, how did you deal with that?
Tasha: Sometimes what is divinely orchestrated by God we call that challenging. I think throughout the process I felt the same way. In order for God to grow and promote us, he allows us to go through some seasons of change and transitions. Sometimes he takes us through seasons where he's silent, he wants to see what we've learned and our level of maturity. We need to change our perspective towards it and say God, "I know this is a place of transition so instead of moping around and crying about it, I'm going to praise you through it because I know on the other side of it is something so much greater." The Bible says that God rewards the faithful, so if I was to encourage anybody I would say that every level of promotion comes with a season of transition.
Encore: You are long-time worship leader, can you offer some advice and encouragement from your experiences on how to deal with the challenges Praise & Worship leaders face?
Tasha: First, we should know the worship leader isn't the one who wants the spotlight on Sunday mornings. 5 percent of what we do is on Sunday morning with a microphone in our hand. 90 percent is what we do throughout the week, those six days a week when no one is watching. How do you spend time in the presence of God? Are you interceding on behalf of the people that you want to lead? Everything about your life is leading people into God's presence. I have a new definition for worship leader, anybody I see on a weekly basis who's life leads me to God is a worship leader. I think we have to get back to the assignment of a worship leader and it's not just to sing pretty songs but to live a life that represents God.
Encore: What else would you like people to know about the ministry of Tasha Cobbs?
Tasha: A major part of what I'm called to do is to teach the basics of what we do in the Earth. Sometimes we neglect the basics, God has definitely called me to be a teacher. It's funny, I was talking to somebody the other day and they asked me what would I be doing if I wasn't a singer. I would be a teacher, that's what I said all my life as a kid. When I really think about it, I am a teacher it's just in a different aspect
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