Mary Mary Give Tips To Mothers As Mother Day Approaches

The gospel twins and also hardworking moms, Tina and Erica Campbell of WE TV’s Mary Mary, are preparing to celebrate Mother’s Day by bringing moms and daughters together. In partnership with African Pride Hair Care, the two will host a conversation and pampering session. Plus, the ladies are giving their top 2 tips for moms.
When it comes to raising healthy and happy kids, the first tip is: “Be patient and cultivate the beauty in their personality,” advise Tina and Erica. Their best parenting advice is being distributed by African Pride in preparation for their upcoming invitation-only beauty suite and panel discussion on Friday, May 17 from 7:00pm – 10:00 pm at the Art Revolution Gallery.
The ladies-only get together provides multi- generational mothers and daughters an evening filled with complimentary beauty services, food, and conversation with the multiple Grammy Award-winning sisters. “At African Pride we want to present a campaign that promotes uplifting conversation surrounding the real aspects of balancing motherhood,” said Charlene Bastien, Strength of Nature National Marketing Director, who calls the sisters “the perfect fit” for the campaign.
Their openness regarding “how they juggle motherhood” with all the other demands on their time, made them a suitable choice, explained Bastien. Aside from being patient and helping kids see their own beauty, what's Mary Mary's second tip? 
“Take time to recharge so you parent from a loving place not a frustrated & tired annoyed place," they say, adding, "Children have feelings too!”

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