Mary Mary Breaking Up?

Christian groups—family or not—split. It happened to BeBe & CeCe, The Winans, Commissioned, Kirk Franklin & The Family, and Trin-i-tee 5:7. Now, it’s Mary Mary’s turn, though they say their separation, similar to the legendary Clark Sisters’, is a break, not a breakup.
Recently, Tina and Erica Campbell opened up, again, about why an extended hiatus from each other is necessary for both their mental and spiritual health.
“We are not breaking up, but we are taking a break,” Erica, 40, told Essence during a video interview. “I’m going to do some solo music and Tina’s gone vacation and travel the world I guess,” she laughed.
For now, both have had more than their fill of constant exposure to each other through various business and music ventures.
“We’ve been joined at the hip for the last 12 years,” Erica explained.  “I think in order for us both to be our healthiest selves, just as women, in the group as well, is for us to take some time to really think and reassess.”
Being the “Siamese Twins” of gospel, inseparable, for over a decade, keeping up hectic schedules, growing their families, and tending to all things Mary Mary, have worn them down.
“We’ve been going constantly, year after year, baby after baby, tour after tour, and now season after season of the TV show, and it’s just like, I love Mary Mary and I love my sister, but I need to breathe,” Erica said, drawing agreement and confirmation from her younger sister.
“I love Tina and I love Erica, separately,” Tina, 38, added. “Let’s see what that feels like for a little while.”
On the explosive season finale of their WE tv reality show the siblings' blowout fight signified the beginning of the end. “This is unlike any other time that I’ve seen them argue,” their manager, Mitchell Solarek, noted.
“Who in the world would argue that much to sing about God?” an exasperated Erica asked after an angry Tina walked away from a red-hot argument over lunch. Clearly, the clash was more than scripted reality show drama.
Still, surprising to some fans is the fact that the separation comes at the pinnacle of the Christian group’s career as the two are enjoying crossover success, receiving numerous awards, topping music charts, and selling millions of albums.
 “I think some people are a little bit like, why would you do that right now? Why right now?” acknowledged Erica. But, for her, the right moment is simply whenever there is a felt need for change.
“When you need the time, that’s when you have to take the time, you know what I mean?—to make sure that you’re in a good space.”
For the successful musical twosome, ensuring wholeness means pausing, finding life balance, reevaluating, and spiritually replenishing.
“If you go, go, go, go, go, and you never really recharge then what are you giving? I’m not giving God, I’m giving myself and I don’t want to misguide anybody. I don’t want to mislead anybody,” Erica expressed.
“I think, just, some time to do something different is going to be really good for us.”
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