In an exclusive interview with Encore, Kurt Carr shares how he get his songs produced, the dedication and inspiration. See interview after the cut.

Encore: You are known for writing powerful praise & worship songs that can translate on the radio and in church on a Sunday morning. Can you just tell us a little about the process?
Kurt: Well a challenge nowadays is that radio is shifting and a lot of radio stations are trying to go more urban and get away from “church music” as they call it, but you have to remember that the Bible says, “Upon this rock I shall build my church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.” Church music is going to be here until God comes back, so thus the music is necessary, the music is needed. When you’re developing your craft you can’t think about radio, you can’t think about hits, you can’t think about church. You have to think about the will of God and people don’t realize what it takes. People always ask me to give them a song like “For Every Mountain,” I don’t just have a bucket of songs, I have to lay before God for months. I actually have a consecration room in my house. For 2 years, I have not slept in my bed, I slept in that room on the floor or on the couch. It’s literally where I live, my mother calls it the room where God speaks and it takes a lot of prayer and consecration to come up with a song and let God do the rest. More grease to your elbow Pastor Kurt Carr
Watch out for the PART TWO of the interview.

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