From the culled interview with Encore, Kurt continues this time, on his experiences in the balance between the ministry and the industry, click here if you miss the Part One

Encore: How do you balance the Gospel music business side and ministry? 
Kurt: Well, being a Gospel artist in ministry is the easy part, the business part can be hard. When you’re on a record deal they don’t care about ministry. They probably don’t want me to say this, but most of these big companies are about the bottom line. I’m fortunate to be signed to Sony Records, it’s like a conglomeration of every artist you can imagine in this 24 floor building, so when they have their gospel division the powers that be are not thinking about souls or the kingdom. They’re looking at numbers, figures and how many records are you selling. That’s the tough part because you can be the greatest artist in the world but if you don’t sell records you’re not going to keep your record deal. You don’t make a lot of money off of record deals but they give you worldwide promotion. Everything else comes from touring and all of that. I have a team of people helping me be who I am, so that’s great. The difficulty comes from them keeping your mind “ministry oriented,” but still realizing it’s a business. The solution is and my suggestion to upcoming artists is to be the best that you can be in your music but also be the best you can be in your business. Be conscious of what’s going on business wise, but always put God first.
God will continue to bless you Pastor, as you have being blessing others with your music. 
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