Kurt Carr Shares Issues On Personal Life Experiences and latest album 'Bless This House'

In a recent interview, Gospel City talked with Multiple Award Winning Artist Kurt Carr about his new CD project and his milestone achievement of 25 years in the Gospel Music Industry. I found this really interesting...you can't wait to read and get to know so many things you don't know about Kurt and some other gospel artists. Find interview after the cut below.

Gospelcity: Thanks Kurt for the interview.
Kurt Carr : Thank you.
GC: Kurt, it looks like 2013 is going to be a special year for you. You’ll be celebrating 25 years in the Gospel Music Industry. You’re going to be honored at the Stellar Awards with the James Cleveland Lifetime Achievement Award and the BMI Trailblazers Music Award. How to you feel about receiving these honors?
KC: I was actually traveling. I got home and saw the letter that said I had been chosen to receive the James Cleveland award. It literally was overwhelming to me. It was such a full circle moment. I started with Rev. James Cleveland. He was the first one to give me a chance professionally to do what I do. So it really blew me away. And to be honored alongside the Hawkins (Tramaine and Edwin) at the BMI Trailblazers was another milestone for me because the Hawkins music brought me to Christ. My mother brought me one of the Hawkins records. It literally changed my life. I’m just incredibly humble at this time in my life.
GC: Kurt, definitely you deserve to enjoy these honors. I believe we labor in ministry for years giving our time and resources and then it’s a time to receive recognition for your labor.
KC: And it happens when God wants it to happen. I know that many people feel like I haven’t been celebrated as other artists have been but God has been good to me. I don’t gear my success on other people’s celebrations. I know how good God has been to me. I’m thankful and grateful to be accepted and appreciated by my peers.
GC: You’re getting ready to release your 7 th CD project Bless This House . Tell me about the project.
KC: It’s double disc CD that’s a continuum of who I am. This project will touch and inspire believers everywhere. Released on January 22, 2013. You can order the project now on Amazon.com. GC: Since this year is a milestone for you in the Gospel Music Business. What has been some of your most memorable moments you would like to highlight in your music career?
KC: One of the moments is singing at Carnegie Hall in New York at an Evening with Gospel. We did the song “For Every Mountain” and we got a standing ovation. I have a funny story to tell about this older white woman I saw her walking on the street in New York a few days later after our concert. She said to me, “Darling I was at Carnegie Hall. I love gospel music. I don’t know it very well but I love gospel music.” She said “Can I just tell you something? My husband was a conductor at Carnegie Hall and they don’t hand out standing ovations. You’ve got to earn them.” Wow! It made me even think more about our performance. That was one of the highlights singing at Carnegie Hall. I did Tramaine Hawkins’ I Never Lost My Praise album. She is my musical hero and Walter Hawkins . That was definitely one of the highlights in my career. To be able to bring Tramaine back with a big song one that was bigger than anyone had written for her outside of Walter Hawkins . Walter Hawkins was at the recording and he was like Kurt you were the perfect one to pair with Tramaine. That was a highlight for me in my ministry. I enjoy being a world traveler and seeing the world. Another highlight is to see how my life has affected my singers. All of them are so blessed to do their own thing. God has open doors for them. That’s a blessing to see someone who has been faithful and you see God just being God. God promised that if you would be faithful He would bless. 

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GC: Today, there are so many a opportunities for artists to minister in varies ventures and on different platforms. I wanted to get your thought about the latest trends and changes in the gospel music industry.
KC: I think it’s awesome! A lot people say” How do you feel about the sound and the change in gospel music?” It is nothing new. Having been around for these many years and having worked with Rev. Cleveland I got to know everyone. I’ll never forget one Saturday afternoon I spent the day with Sallie Martin. Sallie Martin was one of the pioneers in the music business in publishing. She made sure that everyone got paid. I spent the day with her and we went over to Mr. Thomas Dorsey’s house. I spent the afternoon with him and listened to his amazing stories. He was up in his nineties at the time. One of the stories I didn’t know was Mr. Dorsey said he got death threats for the song “Precious Lord .” They wanted to ostracize Mr. Dorsey from the church. They literally tried to kill him. Edwin Hawkins told me with the song “Oh Happy Day” he also got death threats. Kirk Franklin, CeCe Winans and others were also ostracized and criticized. So none of that is new… gospel music has always morphed itself to the sound of the time. I’m not shocked by any of it. The thing that concerns me is that now more and more and more of the gospel of Jesus Christ is more diluted. That’s what kind of concerns me. That’s where deliverance comes from in ministry.
GC: What advice do you generally give people who want to get started in the Gospel Music Industry or for those starting out as a new artist?
 KC: I always tell them number one stay in your church. It’s so important to stay in your church. That’s the foundation you’re going to need to be able to handle the pressure. You need that relationship with the pastor and with God with that foundation. Also what better place is there to perfect your gift Sunday after Sunday…people with secular music it’s hard to find a platform to sing. But with church music you can get up and sing and church people are going to be honest … you’re going to know if you’re good or bad. It’s a great training ground. It’s important to have that foundation. I tell people to be the best. I heard that from Quincy Jones. Be prepared when the call comes and be ready.
GC: Kurt, you are always traveling and ministering around the world. What do you enjoy doing for fun?
KC: Sleep! I’m a home body. I stay home and I’m a movie buff. I think I’ve seen every movie known to man. It’s interesting about two years ago in my entire life I turned on my stove. My housekeeper was like “Mr. Carr, are you fine?” She knew that was not me. Cooking now kinda relaxes me. You know chopping onions, I’m thinking about that and not about music. I kind of manage myself. I have my own office. I’m a part of my business as well as the music. It’s good to have one thing like cooking that totally takes me away from music sometime. My other hobby is tennis. I play tennis. I’m a tennis coach and everything.
GC: How can people find out more about your music ministry?
KC: My website is www.kurtcarrgospel.com. You can connect with me on Twitter and Facebook with the names @thekurtcrr
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