Juanita Bynum Jailed For Failure To Attend Public Proceedings

Gospel performer and televangelist Juanita Bynum spent the night in the Lew Sterrett Justice Center after authorities arrested her on a warrant for her failure to appear in a Dallas civil proceeding against her, according to public records.

The Georgia woman was booked in at the jail about 10:30 p.m. Thursday. She was released after she appeared in a Dallas
courtroom earlier today to answer questions in the case, which includes a 2007 judgment ordering her to pay $140,000 to ALW Entertainment .
She has yet to pay the money to promoter Al Wash’s company, his attorney said, though they are hopeful that the case may finally be resolved. Wash sued Bynum for failing to perform in a play for which he had paid her. < Bynum was locked up on the same night she was scheduled to deliver a sermon at the 9 th Annual Spring Prophetic Conference hosted by Pastor Mwaka Twagirayesu for Fresh Aroma International Ministries. br> “She has disclosed the whereabouts of her assets and her business dealings,” entertainment attorney David Small said.
Bynum has faced controversy in recent years. In 2008, her husband at the time, Thomas Weeks, pleaded guilty to assaulting her and was sentenced to probation, according to reports. The couple later divorced.
Many are the afflictions of the righteous, we pray God deliver us all. Let's put our sister Juanita Bynum in prayers.

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