Celebrity Of The Day: Erica Campbell Of Mary Mary Clocks 41

Today is the birthday of Erica Campbell, one of the gospel duo, Mary Mary. Erica Campbell was born Erica Monique Atkins with her sister,  Trecina Evette Atkins in California. The Atkins sisters grew up as part of a large family of nine children inInglewood, California.
Their parents are mother, Thomasina, an evangelist and choir director at the Evangelistic Church of God in Christ, and father, Eddie, a youth minister. Due to their proximity in age, the two sisters grew up closer to one another than to any of their seven siblings. Erica was born April 29, 1972, she and her sister quickly entered the world of church choirs, traveling gospel shows, and some television productions. All eight Atkins children were on the Bobby Jones Gospel how on BET.
Erica married their record producer Warryn Campbell on May 26, 2001. Their wedding was documented on the TLC show, A Wedding Story. On September 13, 2004, Erica gave birth to their first child, Krista Nicole Campbell. On April 24, 2010, she gave birth to the couple's second child, Warryn Campbell III. On Tuesday July 19, 2011 Erica announced on Good Morning America that she was pregnant with the couple's third child, due February 12. She gave birth to a girl named Zaya Monique Campbell on January 24, 2012.

A few months ago when gospel twins Mary Mary revealed that they would be taking a hiatus from the group, Erica  announced that we would be hearing about her first solo project very soon. She definitely wasn’t kidding! A recently distributed press release says that we can expect to hear the first single from Erica’s forthcoming album as early as next month. When she was questioned about this issue, this was her response:
“You can expect music from me, possibly a children’s book and children’s music from Tina [Campbell]. I think she wants to just take a break and breathe. So, that’s what we’re going to do.”

 On being anxious about doing a solo album:
“Of course there’s anxiety with us stepping out to do different things. We’ve been joined at the hip for the last twelve years, and so now we’re taking chances and doing different stuff. You gotta flip it up every now and again. It’s been twelve years so it’s time to flip it around.”
On negative comments being made about the show:
“There are so many channels for you to watch, so… turn. I mean, my truth isn’t theirs. I’m not forcing nobody to watch just because I sing Gospel music. But, if there’s something that resonates, if there’s a truth that you can connect with, if there’s something that you see and you’re like ‘Gosh, I went through that same thing,’ and ‘How did they deal with this?’ because we’re committed to resolve in our show. We’re committed to forgiveness and not just slamming each other, but we’re telling the truth and sometimes it ain’t cute. If people can’t deal with that, there’s a lot of other channels for them to watch.”

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