Bishop T.D Jakes Give Details Of Why He Shunned The Hollywood Spirit In The Church

During his Sermon last sunday
“I am so sick of this Hollywood spirit that has overtaken the church!” Bishop T D Jakes  told his congregation on Sunday, April 8, while promoting an upcoming worship service featuring largely unknown guest ministers, The Potter’s
House leader expressed displeasure over the amount of focus placed on preachers’ popularity.
Some viewed his statement as controversial.
But on Sunday, April 21, The Potter’s House leader further explained his sentiments.
“In a small church you get used to the presence of God as opposed to personalities,” Jakes told the congregation. “But in a big church, when you can bring in anybody from anywhere, the church has a tendency to only respond when they hear a recognizable name.”
In his original commentary, Jakes said, “We do not have to have big names to have a big move of God. I got filled up with the Holy Ghost by somebody that didn’t have no name at all.”
On Sunday, he pointed out the shift in people’s perspective, particularly those who are accustomed to hearing bigger name preachers deliver sermons from America’s largest platforms.
“Now you can say whatever you want to say, but if I say Elder Willie-Joe Hissum is coming,” Jakes threw out a hypothetical name, “I don’t get the same response as I do as if I say Bishop Noel Jones is coming. Can we at least be honest?” he asked. “It’s just not the same thing.”
“I was saved for years and didn’t see anybody who was on TV,” he said, adding, “We gotta put this Hollywood spirit out of the church and go back to moving in the power of the Holy Ghost. “
While some argue against the trend of inviting Bible teachers with the most name recognition, the best-selling author and charismatic speaker suggests he is merely pointing out the obvious.
“Inviting Shirley Johnson to sing is not like inviting Shirley Caesar. Even though Shirley Johnson may sing the paint off the walls, people won’t come hear her because she doesn’t have a name,” he added. “She has to build up a name to get people.”
Though the leader acknowledges this tendency, he maintains that he does not agree with it.
“Well see, I’m old school. I come from the old church. It wasn’t about names. It wasn’t about titles. It wasn’t about who was on TV,” said the West Virginia-born pastor, who  we actually are Birthday mates, was the youngest of  children born
to Odith and Ernest Jakes but lost his father at the age 16.

In 1980, the preacher with the household name started small, in the little town of Montgomery, West Virginia where he opened a storefront church.
His first Sunday, the congregation was made up only of his mother, older sister and eight others. But he preached like the house was full. Today, it actually is. He leads more than 30,000 and is the most famous African American preacher in the world.
Still, Jakes’ old school roots remain in him—something he stated in his Sunday morning reflections of a time since past.
In his day, “It was about a move of God and if the Lord was there, the Lord was blessing, and the Lord was moving, I was happy to be there.”
The truth is, the Hollywood spirit is not only in America, it also affects us here in Nigeria, and so many churches around the world.
The old adage says: Everything Great and small, God created them all.
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