Every public family has private struggles, from the smallest nuclear family, to the largest extended family. This is same with something that is explored on “The Sheards” which aired on BET April 7 at 10pm. The gospel reality series follows Bishop J. Drew Sheard, First Lady Karen Clark Sheard, recording artist Kierra Sheard, and producer J. Drew Sheard II (spotted in the picture below), through the murky waters of life in the spotlight.

Kierra wants her "career to be big" and “take the gospel to a whole different place” and expand her ministry platform. J Drew II, unlike his sister, is more interested in partying and living life on the edge, despite what people think of him. Frankly, he resents the expectation placed upon him and his family to live out what he views as a lofty Christian ideal—seemingly the dominant theme of the series, and this was what he said: “Everybody forgets about the fact that I want to be me,” the family’s “black sheep,” who insists on going against the grain. “I want to get out and have fun.” Flashes are shown of him dancing and mingling with the worldly crowd where the alcohol is flowing, the music is cranked up, and he is living it up. Karen tries to help her wayward son understand that, as a famous Christian family, with an awesome legacy to carry on, they can’t afford to make “one bad move.” During one scene, both parents Karen and J Drew Sr. sit down with their children. “Do you think you’re doing anything God wouldn’t be pleased with?” she asks. Then, the family’s patriarch chimes in, “Nobody has your best interest at heart more than us.” But yet, young J. Drew is determined to pursue his own path. “I’m sick of the church! The world is so much bigger than that!” he yells in a heated exchange with his mother. “Now, you gone take that back,” replies the usually docile Karen, becoming bold and insistent. “You ain’t gone say that in front of me. That, I won’t allow!” she exclaims. “Take it back!” I hope he will. May the good Lord touch his heart and that of our youths, many are really going astray.
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